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COVID-19 Testing and Fit To Fly Certificates

COVID-19 Testing and Fit To Fly Certificates

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COVID-19 testing and Fit To Fly certificates are proving to be a lifeline for both leisure and corporate travelling. Here in the UK, several months after locking down for the COVID-19 pandemic, international travel is still a challenging ordeal. Not only are restrictions here constantly changing but also in every other country in the world. Differing country regulations can often clash. Additionally, any scenario may change for the better or for the worse the following week or even the next day.

Our experts at Your Travel are doing everything they can to stay on top of the advice from the Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) and move our clients safely across the globe. We understand the importance of getting our clients to their destination and safely. Quarantine periods of up to 14 days on either end (varying by country) are naturally problematic for most. We are here to help solve as many of these travel headaches as we possibly can.

What does COVID-19 testing entail? What is a Fit to Fly certificate?

A keen solution is COVID-19 testing (via PCR tests) and Fit to Fly certificates. What are PCR tests you ask? It stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction. A simple method of extracting a specific DNA sample that allows scientists to take this small sample and amplify it large enough to study in detail. PCR tests are an approved method for scientists to confirm the COVID-19 virus in individuals. With a negative result, we can move on to Fit To Fly certificates which will aid the movement of those who are virus free through border controls with a reduced or removed quarantine period (varying by country).

The easy testing solution for our clients…

Your Travel Group have partnered with Confirm Testing, the laboratory who provide COVID-19 testing for the likes of Apple and several Premier League football teams. Our partnership means we can offer our clients 20% off COVID-19 testing and Fit to Fly certificates.

It’s easy. Order your test at least 5 days before your flight (or as soon as you have booked for ease). Take your test 4 days before your flight and return by Royal Mail. A day before your flight your test results are returned along with a Fit to Fly certificate on a negative result. Take your certification with you when flying to show to all relevant authorities.

Find out more information on the tests and our partnership here.

Always seek travel advice and help from a trusted travel agent, particularly during these unprecedented times. We are available to discuss your requirements on the details below and will always provide the very best options for you based on the most up to date regulations.

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This was such an easy and painless way to book our trip. I spoke to Richard at YourTravel and he was able to save us £450 on business class flights to Dubai. Before speaking to him we were just going to book online as usual. But after today’s call to YourTravel and the great service, they have gained themselves a customer for life.


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